Open Pedagogy

What is Open Pedagogy?

  • Students create, rather than consume, academic content
  • Student work can be shared, or even made public
  • Artifacts may be built on by future students
  • Artifacts can be incorporated into eportfolios
  • Can include, but is not limited to, open educational resources

In most online classes students complete disposable assignments within the LMS that disappear at the end of the semester. Open pedagogy projects, which involve student creation and public sharing of their own intellectual products, provide students the opportunity to actively engage in the creation of meaningful content that is open to a global audience. Participation in these authentic learning experiences increases student engagement and motivation to produce high-quality work. Students also benefit from having work samples publicly available on the Internet, enriching their eportfolios, creating persistent records of their learning experiences, and providing resources for future learning (for themselves and other students). As part of this process, students learn how to use online content creation tools and the importance of creating accessible materials.

Why Use Open Pedagogy?

  • Active learning
  • Student motivation
    • Non-disposable assignments
    • Public audience
    • Autonomy
  • Service learning

Examples of Open Pedagogy:

  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Glossaries
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Online research papers
  • Books
  • Organize, collate, and/or annotate online content
  • Service-learning projects
  • Course content

Some Issues to Consider:

  • Alignment to course learning outcomes
  • Student privacy concerns
  • Student collaboration plan
  • Plan for (peer and instructor) feedback and revision
  • Intellectual integrity
  • Hosting plan
  • Evaluating individual contributions
  • Accessibility
  • Copyright Options
    • CC BY – Attribution
    • CC BY-SA  – Attribution ShareAlike
    • CC BY-ND – Attribution No Derivs
    • CC BY-NC – Attribution NonCommercial
    • CC BY-NC-SA – Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike
    • CC BY-NC-ND – Attribution NonCommercial No Derivs

Your Classes:

  • What types of assignments do you use now?
  • What type of open pedagogy projects might you like to try?

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